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Get Every Single Answers Here.

What is cloud mining? How does it work?

Cloud mining is the best and legit way to earn passive income by purchasing cloud mining contracts from cloud mining platforms like real Mining. There is no need to purchase any expensive mining hardware. Here, hashpower is allocated to you, and you can participate in bitcoin mining.

Is Real Mining a Ponzi scheme?

No, Real Mining is a trusted and registered company In the UK with more than 50,000+ active miners.

Do you have any proofs of legal & Payout?

Yes, you can check our payout section for the latest withdrawals.

Is this working automatically?

Yes, everything is automatic. Here you don't need to be all-time online. You can sleep, and your Mining will continue.

Where is your mining farm located?

Our mining data centers are located at six different locations worldwide, and we do not disclose the exact location of our mining data center because of security reasons.

What is Maintenance Fees?

Every free user must pay fixed maintenance fees of 0.001 BTC per single transaction. To avoid maintanance fees, upgrade to our premium plans.

How to start Real Mining?

It's simple, Signup using your bitcoin address, purchase a contract! That's it! Your Mining starts automatically.

What is the validity of the real Mining purchased plan?

The maximum validity of realmining's cloud mining contract is six months from the date of purchase.

How to create a bitcoin wallet?

You can get your bitcoin wallet from blockchain.info.

What is a refund policy?

Real Mining, as of now, doesn't have any refund policy right now! Once hashpower is allocated to clients, it will not be refundable. So make sure before you make any purchase on our website.

How many accounts allow per person?

Only one account per person is allowed for free users. So holding multiples account is against our user policy. If our team found more than one account per person, it will result in account suspension. But if you are a premium user, there is no limits.

How much can I earn without investing single money?

No free plans currently available, Upgrade to a premium plan to use advanced mining services.

What time does it take to withdraw your earned bitcoins?

In most cases, withdraw your bitcoins instantly. However, in some cases, it might take a long time because manual payment process.

What is the minimum payment threshold?

The minimum payment threshold is 0.005 BTC.

Can I upgrade plans with money on my balance?

No, You can't upgrade from your internal wallet balance. However, you can withdraw your bitcoins and use them to upgrade from any external wallet.

Where will I receive earned bitcoin?

Earned bitcoin automatically added to your Real Mining account balance. You can withdraw it any time once you reach the minimum payment threshold of 0.005 BTC.